A Firm Favourite

I haven’t been this fresh for a while, not at this time of day, not this early in the week.

Well, not since Monday.

Earlier today I was sat in a bar in my local City, everyone should have one.

I drank a session lager beer, I drank a West Coast ideal and a Baltic dream.

I ordered a pizza which promised transatlantic origins and boasted ingredients from across the road.

I bought a bottle of beer from the fridge, a firm favourite.

I spoke to the brewer.

I contemplated the value of this transaction if I was to share it on social media.

I joked with the chef.

I knew there was no value in asking for a taster.

I talked about 100% cacao, provenance and Christmas.

I made an excuse to leave.

I listened to Paul Simon’s Graceland and smiled at the fellow forlorn commuters.

It’s an album I don’t listen to often enough.  A firm favourite.

I smiled all the way home.

5 thoughts on “A Firm Favourite

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