Do you like really good beer?

PictureNow that I have your attention, I’d like to give you the opportunity to get involved in a new beery campaign.  The Campaign for Really Good Beer (CAMRGB) burst onto the blogging scene in July this year and if you choose to read no further in this post, then please take a quick look at the CAMRGB blog here to hear what the guys have to say and take a look at the excellent beer and pub reviews; as well as interviews with brewers and invitational contributions from various writers.  If you prefer, you can link to the CAMRGB Facebook page here, although the blog site is now in full swing so don’t miss out.

Thank you if you are still reading!  While I can’t add much more than the guys do on their blog, I thought I’d just write a few lines explaining my involvement and how else you can support this much needed campaign.  No matter which way you cut it, there is currently only one beer campaign (please correct me here if I’m wrong).  The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) needs neither introduction nor any elaboration from me.  They are well organised and know what they like and woe betide anyone who thinks they can stand in the way of this particular Wagon Train.  I’m a member and don’t expect change any time soon.  But as a beer drinker who likes to think of himself as a neutral… I plan to be members of both CAMRA and CAMRGB.  Afterall, all work promoting tasty beer is good work in my eyes.
“At night the wagon master would have the wagons form a big circle for protection from hostile Indians, marauders and other dangers …The captain, also known as the wagon master led the caravan down the trail and made any decisions that affected the whole caravan… The scouts helped the captain take care of the members of the wagon train”.
So, CAMRA; Pioneers? yes of course.  Respected? Yes, by many.  Slow-moving? quite possibly.  Ready for change? unlikely.
To put it simply, the Campaign for Really Good Beer may be perceived as just another ‘hostile’, but look a little closer and see that all they are saying is that it’s about time we celebrated really good beer for its own sake.  “Good craft beer is good craft beer”… and everything else surrounding this good beer are mere details.  You can read CAMRGB’s open letter to CAMRA-ites here.  In essence, the campaign is meant to be lighthearted and another way to celebrate really good beer through understanding and respecting the amazing things that people do in the name of a decent pint.

First AGM was Friday 19th August.

I became aware of CAMRGB through twitter (@CrayolaSarandon) and am now a member and will be chipping in with the odd beer review.  If you fancy becoming a member (membership is free) just email CAMRGBHQ@gmail.comAnd if like me you enjoy discuss the beer in your hand, then use #CAMRGB or maybe even the odd well placed ‘Follow Friday’ #FF and lets get Really Good Beer trending.  Thanks for reading and thank you to Simon (CAMRGB) for contributing to this post.