AG#9 Broadford Tomahawk IPA

Another brewnight Friday 2nd March. It’ll be served on the bar at the Northern Craft Brewers event at Saltaire Brewery 31st March. I’m bricking it! but here goes nothing.

Maris Otter Pale Malt (4.6kg) – 90.4%
Munich (200g) – 3.9%
Wheat Malt (200g) – 3.9%
Crystal Malt 60 (90g) – 1.8%

Hops (all leaf):
Pilgrim 28g – 11.2% @60mins
Cascade 40g – 7.6% @30mins
Cascade 40g – 7.6% @5mins
Columbus 10g – 16.5% @5mins
Columbus 40g – 16.5% (flame out / steep 20 mins)
Columbus 50g – 16.5% Dry Hop 5 Days

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.056
Final Gravity: 1.014
Alcohol Content: 5.5% ABV
Bitterness: 64.9 IBU (average)
Colour: 7.0 SRM / 13.7 EBC
Yeast: Safale US-05
Mash: 60mins @ 66c
Boil: 60mins

Water treatment: 1 campden tablet in the HLT, 4g gypsum in the mash, 3g gypsum and 2g epsom salts in the boil.

A fairly straightforward brewday (night). HLT on for 17.30 and all wrapped up by midnight, which is early by my usual standards. This was the first brew using my new thermometer, and got a little carried away taking pictures of temperatures.

Grist temp (16C)

Mashed in with 12.7L liquor with strike temp of 75C to achieve 67C mash. I know that I lose 1C over 60-90mins so compensate for that. 66C at the end of the mash.

Running the wort off from the mash tun. Sparged with a further 20.6L of liquor heated to 86C to achieve a sparge strike temp of 78C. I collected 26L of wort (targeted 28L). I didn’t try to adjust the volume at this stage.

Transferred to the copper and boiled for 60 minutes with the hop additions as above.

Running to the FV after the boil. Collected 23L, 1.054, 22C. My final volume should have been 24L at 1.056.  You can also see the cold break in the trial jar.

Cooled and pitched US-05 yeast at a slightly low temp of 18C (03/03/12). Fermentation was slow to get going due to a few silly things. I didn’t let the yeast get to room temp from the fridge, pitched at 18C instead of recommended 20C, forgot to aerate before pitching. Anyway, US-05 is a brilliant yeast for numpties like me and it was going well after 14 hours. Smells great too!!!! I will be dry hopping in the FV and in the cask.

Here’s my pump clip design (I’ll be changing the ABV).

You can see the rest of the pics here.

Update: Won Best Cask at the Northern Craft Brewers event 31st March 2012, at Saltaire Brewery.


14 thoughts on “AG#9 Broadford Tomahawk IPA

  1. Exciting times at BB methinks, only tried one single hop Tomahawk beer before, I enjoyed it, if memory serves well its quite a spicy peppery hop?

    Love that pump clip. Ace!

    • It’s a lot of fun at the moment 🙂 I’m not sure when/if I’ve tried Tomahwak dominant beers before, but the smell from the FV is familiar. I’m looking fwd to tasting it, but none for bottling sadly. If it works well I’ll rebrew it, hopefully in time to bring you a bottle to ebbc12.

  2. Gypsum and Epsom salts in the boil, eh? Know of any guides/tutorials on how and when to use salts in the boil? We’ve never done this but note that a few other people do.

    • Yeah, I’ll dig the info out that I referred to. I had to get a water report (of sorts for my region) and then applied the calculation to the report. I hope I still have it. I basically do the same treatment every time, but should probably tailor it for styles? I’ve never bothered with a ph test of the mash either, but maybe I should start doing that as well. My newbie approach has served me well this far, but need to be wary of getting stuck in my ways 🙂

    • ha, thanks. You just crush a tablet (typically 1 per 5 Gallons of water) and add to the HLT as it gets to strike temp. It’s worked thus far. I think it’s to combat off flavours as a result of Chlorine in the water?

  3. I always had my sieve in the same position, used to drive the wife up the wall when I appropriated all the kitchen utensils. This years Columbus is lovely, might need to do another Columbus dominant beer at some point

    • 🙂 I sometimes double sieve with a braced tea-strainer, but know from experience the crap I will receive when publishing those photos. I am starting to annoy my wife with the small marks burned into the worktop and wort sealing the cupboard doors together! The FV is smelling great, not even sure if dry hopping is necessary, but will do it so as not to get in trouble with pdtnc 😉

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