A Measured Approach to Ordering a Beer

“Pint please”.

Two words that everyone understands.  Uncomplicated.  Universally measurable.  Sort of.

It’s not always that straightforward these days.  I found myself on the receiving end of a complicated bar-transaction last night.  It went something like this…

“Two thirds of [beer name] please”

“Is that two 1/3rds or one 2/3rd?”

“One 2/3rd

“We also do pints”

“Just 2/3rds please”

It was a little awkward and I guess we both saw the funny side of it, but secretly we both knew this was an issue.

I’ll order a pint next time.


7 thoughts on “A Measured Approach to Ordering a Beer

    • It makes sense. Some bars now display the price for 1/3 and 2/3 but also sell pints of the beer. Some bars display the price for 1/3 and 2/3 because they don’t sell pints of that beer. It’s a malty minefield.

  1. I two (or should that be too), have come across this perplexing conundrum. But unlike the reader above, I can see the reasoning behind having two-thirds, together, of the same beer, in one glass.

    I hate drinking pints these days, but some times a half (that’s a half of a pint not a half of two thirds, together, in one glass) is not enough..

    I have however, come up with a simple solution that can be adopted.

    1. Approach the bar
    2. Ask “bar-keep” for two individual third measures of the same beer
    3. As he/she starts to walk away, hail them to come back with a cheery ‘Oi you”, a whistle, or perhaps tap change loudly on the bar repeatedly if need be (they like that)
    4. Confirm that you want two separate glasses
    5. As the beer is poured, carefully remove the calves leather pouch containing your Spiegelau tulip oversized glass from your beer drinking backpack (or man-bag if in London)
    6. Pour both measures into your fine drinking vessel
    7. Grab your bag of Cornish sea salt and balsamic hand fried samphire snacks and retire to the nearest wing backed leather fireside chair
    8. Enjoy!

  2. I’m trying to promote the word “Schooner” for 2/3, which is used in Australia for in between sizes. Just order one and if the bar person stares at you blankly, explain it slowly. Bar staff love to be patronized. Sooner or later it will catch on.

    Anyway, could be worse, I once ordered a pint of Kirkstall Three Swords and the bar person came back with three pints.

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