Water goes in, beer comes out…

A few thoughts.

When I started homebrewing I was a procrastinator.  Recipes would be developed through an iterative cycle of uncertainty and self doubt. Brewing forums constantly presenting me with reasons to tweak the 30 minute addition of hops by 2 grams so that the bittering units would form a nice round number.  How many grams of gypsum should I use? 3 grams or 3.2 grams?!  My kit would be set out hours in advance, and family members banished from the house.  Every detail of the brew day had to be written down, step-by- step-by-tedious-step.  I loved those days. I got some good results and I got some bad.

After brew #25 something changed. Things became more complicated, busy, bastardised. Brewing became a chore.  I didn’t brew as regularly, and when I did brew it was all about taking shortcuts, shoehorning the process in.  Beer was brewed, but this beer had an aftertaste of resentment.

My last five or so brewdays have been a joy. I decide to brew, I turn the HLT on, check what ingredients I have available to me, weigh some grain and mash in. In goes a teaspoon of gypsum and a measure of “I don’t give a flying duck” about getting things exactly right.

I get some good results and I get some bad.


One thought on “Water goes in, beer comes out…

  1. I have become a bit entrenched in trying to conform to some BJCP styles of late. Mainly as I’m trying to brew some styles of beer I’ve never tried before. Can’t get the bloody colours right, or the ABV, or the IBU. I think I realised over the lunchtime cycle that it really doesn’t matter. Just make beer you like, sod the rest…

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