Saison Brewday

I’ve been mulling over a few ideas for my twentieth brew, hardly a major milestone but still an opportunity to try and brew something I hope will be a bit different to what I’ve done so far.   As there is a Twittery Saison tasting day (#SupSaison) coming up (15th Sept) I thought I’d get involved with a beer or two, but also to brew a Saison in support of the guys who have organised the ‘event’, which I understand is being marked by a few watering-holes as well as thirsty army of social media beer geeks.
I’ve wanted to brew something with New Zealand Motueka for a while now, it looks to be a good all-rounder so will make this a single hopped NZ Saison, a variation on the style which hasn’t been brewed too many times commercially, and I’m not aware of any homebrewers having done something quite like this?  I’m sure there has, but yet to read about it.

I’ll no doubt tweak this recipe before the brewday, so any suggestions are welcome.  You will notice that  I am using Golden Promise pale malt rather than the traditional Pilsner malt, but I opted to spend the money on hops and what I hope will be a lovely yeast.  Besides, the Vienna and Munich malts should add enough colour and complexity to get away with this omission:


63% Golden Promise Pale Malt

15% Vienna Malt

9% White Sugar

7% Munich Malt

6% Pale Wheat Malt


100% Motueka


WLP585 Belgian Saison II

I’m hoping this will brew a 7%ish beer with enough strength to accommodate a Belgian spice and sweetness as well as a solid bitterness and of course some farmhouse funk, perhaps even some tartness if the yeast profile is anything to go by….what the hell, aim high, right?  I’ll be priming this to have an effervescence true to style, without overstepping the mark and blowing any bottles up.  The recipe should give me something around 40IBU, 7 SRM OG1.070 FG 1.019, but I’ll need to look at this again, read around to see how the yeast attenuates and adjust accordingly, although an 8%+ beer wouldn’t be the end of the world.

I’ll update my blog after the brewday.

17 thoughts on “Saison Brewday

  1. Saison with a NZ twist sounds ace Dave and fantastic that your brewing this for the day too.

    If it turns out as you hoped what are the chances of someone putting it on somewhere?

    Cheers bud

  2. Although not specifically for #SupSaison, myself (@MarbleTim), @Othertonales and @ckdsadlers are planning to brew a three way collaborative Saison in November time. Watch this space for further details of our Saison A(r)’Tois.

  3. I’m almost certain the yeast will finish lower, and saisons are usually super dry in the 1.003-006 range. Probably start with a lower og? Or else u may end up with a 10% imperial Saison lol. Also due to yeast being highly active even at warm temperature, it’s imperative to make sure primary ferment is done before priming and bottling! My buddies Saison was the bomb :p

    I like how no spice is added as well and everything yeast contributed. Looking Gd

    • I think you are abolutely right, I’ll lower the OG! 🙂
      Thought about adding some spice or some fruit peel but thought I’d just let the yeast sing for my first effort. I can always have another go.

      If it’s already going to be dry, do you think I should take the sugar out of the recipe? more pale instead?

      • Saisons are supposed to be super dry :), so its best to keep the sugar there. The vienna and munich shld give the beer a perceive malt fullness and roundness, so it wont appear to be too uninspiring and thin. Where are you adding the sugar? Some add in the boil, some add only to the FV as fermentation is slowing down, some do both.. Interesting options yeah

        and oh, start and hold the fermentation at the low 20s(20c-22c) for the first 48hrs before letting it go wild in the high 20s to 30c and finish out on its own. Otherwise, u will end up with LOADS of fusels so bad u get high just sniffing it. i hate drinking nail varnish

        Im interested to know how that yeast performs. Being a blend it shldnt stall at 1020 like the dupont strain, and need not pitch any champagne yeast to get it to finish low. HAVE FUN!!

  4. Looks really good Dave. As per other comments, brewing software never seems to calculate saison attenuation properly, for some reason – the saison I sent you finished down at 1.008 I think, although online brew software gave me 1.016 as a predicted finish. I’ll be interested in what difference the pale malt makes – I assume it’ll be hidden by the other flavours mainly and the colour will be the only way to tell there’s no pilsner in there. Good luck with it!

  5. Great recipe, a lower OG is a good idea too. Ignore the software, I’ve yet to brew a Saison that finished higher than 1.006 (although I’ve never used that blend before). As said earlier, the Vienna and Munich will add nice maltiness. Great hop too, quite subtle in the flavour department but I really like it.

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