The Dank Dozen

This is just a beer idea at the moment, nothing more than scribblings in my notebook.  Sometimes tweets are worth more than 140 characters, and ideas can be quickly forgotten.  This is a blog afterall, not every post should have to be polished perfection.

The Dank Dozen. A triple IPA, packing 12% abv and twelve of the dirtiest, dankest hops.  I’d want it to be continuously hopped, an unrelenting hopping operation.  This is homebrewing, and there are no rules.

Nelson Sauvin

Sleep with one eye open. Operation “Greenup” is active.

3 thoughts on “The Dank Dozen

  1. You should do this as an open home brew challenge. I’d happily give it a go. A dank mix of flavours for sure, the challenge would be not having a muddy flavour mix at the end.

  2. I misread that as “Steep with one eye open”, which is probably fairly appropriate.

    How about chucking 12 different grains into the mix as well? A step too far?

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