Brewing. Art. Science. Life.

It’s only an interpretation of a snapshot in time, however there is a sense that what we have in our pint glass is not enough, that in some way it needs to be embellished.  Most TV licence payers or social media voyeurs will be blissfully unaware of the cracks that are appearing in the landscape, and how what lies beneath could be destructive, or could create new land on which to prosper.  

Clarity is rarely gained without a struggle – without the necessary process of debate, experimentation and often a generous slice of luck – and when something is worth shouting about, fill your lungs, exhale the words that seem important at that time and see where they land. 

“How you package beer, where you present it, who you present it to – can tell a story, you can educate, you can get people to take an interest in more that just the beer” – Andrew Skene

From recent discussions I’ve witnessed, proposals received, amateur productions watched through my fingers, and from the emergence of glossy campaigns – there is no doubt in my mind that TV producers smell the next 24hrs in a Brewery, 60 Minute Mash-Over, Grist Force or Breweries Under the Hammer (crap examples, I know – better ones here from Boak & Bailey).  What is certain to me, is this will unravel, and some of us will froth more profusely at our mouths than others. 

My thoughts on this.  We shouldn’t lose sight of what we’re talking about here.  It’s beer.  It represents so much more than the next opportunity.  It will remain intact through this storm of interest and continue for centuries more.  The link below is to a short film I was fortunate enough to see yesterday.  A film produced and directed by Paul Bates, with words from Andrew Skene – Head Brewer – Dominion Brewery.  

“Brewing is a true art.  It’s a wonderful mix of art and science, and using the scientific principles that underline it you can create works of expression – that are part of you – they come out of you – they can express part of your thinking.  They’re also ephemeral – they’re only here today and they’re gone tomorrow, so enjoy them while you can…. I guess that can tell you something about life as well…”  –  Andrew Skene

“It [brewing] is a very very good mix of being creative, you do stuff with your hands, you use your brain, you use a bit of science, you use a bit of art…” – Andrew Skene

8 thoughts on “Brewing. Art. Science. Life.

  1. Nice little vid… (wonders what his bottling machine is)
    continuity error, Drops cask down pub’s drop and and keg lands on the pig 😉

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