Coming of AGe #5

So far on ‘Coming of AGe’:  I made a decision to brew commercially, I was in a reflective mood, I got my excuses in early.  I learnt that buying a brewery and installing it into a suitable premises can cost a bit and that buying ingredients can be a case of I want never gets, but trying never hurtsNext up I formulated a basic game plan.

How soon is too soon to buy a pair of Puroforts? 


How long do I have to brew for before I can buy orange ones?

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**All Grain (AG)

4 thoughts on “Coming of AGe #5

  1. Green is the only ‘real’ colour your Puroforts should be (about £60-65), I’d say that they are a good investment but a cheaper pair of Steel toe-capped wellies would suffice until you are in a brewery 5 days a week.

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