My Golden Pint 2012

imageThose of us who indulge, have indulged, and Golden Pint Awards have been blogged.  It’s the time of year where you can show your appreciation to some of the brewers and brewery owners who have created something for our enjoyment.  It’s hardly ever possible to reach out properly and say well done, but this tradition is one I enjoy despite the difficulties in picking between tens of great beers.

I picked Buxton Brewery’s Imperial Black IPA as my beer of the year.  Why? because I love the beer and because it’s a beer style that taunts me. It’s a pale beer that’s black, it’s hop aroma should be understated, yet it dances in front of my nose like a fame-hungry contestant on one of THOSE shows, and it promises to warm me up, but doesn’t mind being served cold.  It’s a beer style that keeps me guessing and one that I have tried brewing on four occasions, each brew resulting in a different black/dark brown beer.

To the other smashing beers that made me smile this year, I have to say that it was more than me just flirting, I loved you all dearly, and it wasn’t you, it was me.

2 thoughts on “My Golden Pint 2012

  1. It’s one of my beers of the year too, and if one of your failures to copy it resulted in Transatlanticism, then that’s a double winner.

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