Sunbeam Ales – Honey & Lavender


This 4.9% Abv, bottle conditioned beer was brewed in Leeds, bought from Beer Ritz in Leeds and I’m drinking it in neighbouring Bradford. It’s local and from a 50L brewkit. I have no problem in writing that this is a craft beer.

Pours a light golden colour, forms a decent white head and has a steady stream of carbonation. The aroma is fragrant and while the lavender does dominate, it’s propped up with a hit of lime. The flavours are balanced, it’s medium bodied and has a smooth mouthfeel. Long aftertaste of lavender, gentle bitterness with the honey and sweet malts gradually arriving.  Dry finish.

Sunbeam Ales are brewed by Nigel Poustie and my first impression of his beer is a good one! Working with honey and lavender could spell disaster, but this is a delicate beer. Cheers!

The smallest brewery in Leeds

More information at Sunbeam Ales or follow Nigel on Twitter @SunbeamAles

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