Session 63: Magic Moments

This months Session (63rd in the series) is hosted by Pete Brown.  He’s chosen the topic The Beer Moment.  I’ll try my best to get this done without tripping over my ego, but can’t promise anything as I am one of those human types.

“…the Beer Moment.

What is it?

Well, what is it to you?  What does that phrase evoke for you?

That’s the most important thing here.  Switch off and float downstream, what comes to mind?  Don’t analyse it – what are the feelings, the emotions?…”

Beer ‘moments’ happen as often as I let them happen.  I can select, open and drink a beer with as much care and attention as I choose.  Other bloggers have written about this before and I agree that our enjoyment of a beer can be as much about the environment and company that we drink it in, than it is about the beer itself.  I have these moments all the time, but when I don’t have a beer epiphany I tend not to read too much into it and move on.  The ‘anti-beer moment’ is dangerous territory and can quickly escalate into a nasty bout of unweildy negativity’.  This is not a happy place and I try to keep it quarantined for the most part….but we’re all allowed our bad days!

As a homebrewer I find my beer ‘moments’ are most apparent to me when a beer makes me sit up straight (figuretively speaking, unless of course the brewer recommends that the beer should be enjoyed sat up straight), I want to know how the beer was constructed and could I brew something similar myself.  At this point in my life beer is many things, but predominantly a creative influence.

Beer in, ideas out, repeat...

Cheers Pete, great topic for discussion, something I could have written a lot more on, but wanted to try and stay focused for once!

7 thoughts on “Session 63: Magic Moments

  1. As a fellow blogger but non-brewer I appreciate the last point you make most of all. I know how beer is made, I’ve read about it often enough & been to many a brewery tour, but not how to make it. I often get moments where I think “I really like this because…” and then “I wonder how they make it taste this way”. To be able to pull it apart & mentally try to re-brew it yourself must be a brilliant asset to any budding writer, brewer or even just plain drinker. Cheers

    • I generally drink and not think too much, but those special beers do make me get my notepad out and scribble a few thoughts. Like you say though, thinking like this isn’t unique to brewers/homebrewers. Cheers

  2. I considered including moments from brewing in my post. There certainly is something fulfilling during the brewing process. Many moments indeed.

    • Thanks Jorge, you put that rather nicely. I could have shortened my post to “drinking a beer while boiling wort is one of those moments where the brew setting changes how the beer feels” 🙂

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