The Session #59: I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I Don’t…

This months Beer Blogging Friday, or #Session (No.59),  is hosted by Mario Rubio over at Brewed for Thought.   The topic is: ‘I almost always drink beer, but when I don’t…‘, a tough one when all you drink is beer.  So, I opened a beer and wrote this.

My initial thoughts on this lead me to choose an alcoholic beverage next in-line to beers throne.  An alternative take on this would be to write about a soft drink.  I drink tea and coffee like most other people, but aside from a short fling with coffee appreciation I couldn’t write about it convincingly (but here’s a guy who does).  So then, booze it is.  I’m feeling my way with beer and can get by when needing to talk about it or writing the odd review, but I’m no boffin.  My next ethanolic enchantment would be with whisky/whiskey or perhaps wine.  I know very little about either but it doesn’t curtail my enjoyment.  In fact the not knowing anything actually enhances my enjoyment as I’m not over thinking the drinking.  Simplistically put, comparisons could be drawn with the drinking and sharing of beer and wine and I regularly enjoy wine when there is a family occasion or meal, whereas I regard whisky as a solitary past-time.  When I reach to the back of the cupboard for a bottle, it generally signals the end of the evening.  This isn’t to say that whisky isn’t suited to sharing, of course it is, it’s just that my personal consumption is limited to the odd glass and it’s usually when everyone else has gone to bed.  I’d go as far as saying that the thought of a whisky session scares the life out of me, and I happen to know a couple of people who would quickly coerce me into a world of pain (naming no names – but for the UK readers, one works as Mr Foleys and the other at Beer Ritz – you know who you are).

What writer's block?

My favourites? well I’ve lived a fairly sheltered life and have only made supermarket purchases to date, but with what I regard to be excellent examples, then I have no reason nor the means to look any further (yet).   Single malt choices would be Talisker 10 yr and Jura 10 yr which give me the option to go peaty or sweet.  For whiskey or bourbon my pick would be Woodford Reserve, I just love it.  As an in-betweener, I have recently found Bruichladdich Rocks to be a pleasant, easy drinker (in moderation of course).  I’ve done my best here to raise a glass to drinks that I know very little about, but I do genuinely enjoy them as a luxury drink and it’s safe to say that they would always follow a beer or two, afterall you can only have one true love.

Thanks to Mario for hosting and I look forward to reading the round-up!

Cheers, salute, sláinte, jamas, bottoms up!

9 thoughts on “The Session #59: I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I Don’t…

  1. This could end up being the ‘I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I get a chance a whisky chaser wouldn’t be turned down’ Session… 😉

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