I’m Back in the Room

I’ve been quiet over the Christmas period.  I’ve tried to reduce my Twittering and haven’t found the time to blog.  I’m now back in the room and feeling excited about the year ahead.

2011 will be the year I remember for many things, none more important than the birth of my twin boys, afterall, my family time is unrivaled.  Having three young kids (in my case all under the age of 4) is a heady mix of joy and torment.  I wouldn’t change my situation and know just how lucky I am.  At times we all wish we had a little less responsibility and with it a chance to do the things we want to do, when we want to do them.  In most cases I think it’s financial responsibility that reigns us in and I’m no different.  Throw time responsibilities into the fray and someone in my position can kiss the sort of social life they once knew, good-bye.

As it happens, I have managed to make and maintain a few new friendships in 2011 brought about through beer geeking, I have also brewed a few beers, attended a few nights out and blogged a fair bit.  It’s tiring work trying to keep it all going, but my enjoyment isn’t affected and know that this part of my life keeps me sane.  It has also come to light that I tweet too much, especially my penchant for retweeting the stuff I think is interesting.  I plan to fail in reducing my Twitter output.

For the coming year I could see blogging as a challenge, trying to keep the ball-rolling, but to do this would be missing the point.  If I’m not enjoying something then there is little point in continuing.  Blogging should be fun and I intend to keep it that way.

I’m looking forward to more homebrewing, emptying my beer cupboard – during the few months when maternity pay severely restricts my purchasing power – more visits to the pub and attending the European Beer Bloggers Conference in Leeds.  Most importantly, I want to keep beer as a part of my life but not the focus.  Balance is everything.  Without balance, beer tastes terrible (in every sense) and family life is strained.

Here’s to family and beer in 2012.  Cheers!

6 thoughts on “I’m Back in the Room

  1. Bang on mate, family come first. Thank full I am kidless nowadays so time is pretty much my own, although it’s tough to convince Mrs H to go to all these beer do’s 😉 Being fair she’s very supportive and understanding.
    It’s been an interesting year mate for quite a few of us new boys, looking at the Golden Pints round up you must be pretty chuffed? I’ve made loads of new mates, some that I’ve not even met yet and as Steve says be great to meet at EBBC12 or earlier.

    All the best for 2012

    • Thanks Phil. From someone looking in, it appears that Mrs H gives you a fairly free beery reign 🙂 Long may it continue.

      I agree, although I’m not sure who else was new to the blogging scene this year, I still regard all other blogs as established and me as the newbie. I think I’m pleased with the nominations for Twitter Beer Type…but on the other hand, I think I may be on Twitter (retweeting) a little too much :-/
      Will be good to meet in May! I’ll try not to drink that bottle of Redemption before then!!

  2. Very well written and understand exactly where your coming from, I would love to spend time writing and venturing to beery events but having a young family always comes first.

    You have to balance your time, but hopefully I might get along to a beery gathering at some point in 2012 and meet up with the great people who have helped me learn and dsicover so much in the last year.

    • Kind of you to say so David…not really a proper beer blog when posting like that…might need to change my bio to read ‘general life event blogger’ 🙂
      Young family in toe is the way I like it, but we all have our moments when we need to break free for a few hours, I just happen to use that time for beer…Yeah!!
      Hope to meet you at some point in 2012.

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