The 1st Headingley Ale Festival

I think it is apparent that folk don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate beer.  The choice available to us is greater than ever before, with specialist beer shops, online retailers and supermarkets catering for all tastes.  We drink at home, at parties and get-togethers and we know our way to the nearest pub.  We even make time to travel distance to visit reputable drinking establishments.  If that wasn’t enough, we also attend festivals to make sure we haven’t missed out on great beer, new and old.

Leigh Linley recently interviewed the organiser of the 1st Headingley Ale Festival, Ruth Edwards, for the Culture Vulture.  You can read the preview and take a look at the beer list here.

I went along to the debut Festival on Friday 9th December to take some photos and write a piece for Travels with Beer, which you can read here.

Please let me know what you think of my post. Thanks.

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