Hardknott Queboid

Mercurial Millom Mashing

As part of the implementation of my new Local Policy on High Strength Beer Duty, and until further notice from my brain, I can now only drink beer over 7.5% abv between the hours of 10pm and 6am.  I am also keen to support Beersay‘s hash-tag movement (#7point5) and promote the good clean fun associated with special beer…I said special beer, not Special Brew!

First up, Hardknott Queboid.  An 8.0% abv Belgian style double IPA.  I’ve drunk my fair share of Hardknott beer, mainly in the comfort of my own home, and have enjoyed them all to date.  They have recently made Queboid available in 330ml bottles, my chosen vessel on this occasion, although I was civilised enough to decant it to a glass.  I did not pair this beer with food, music or anti-social behaviour,  I just drank it while watching the coal burn in my stove.  I am the epitome of rock n’ roll.  As I shut my eyes and ears to the world around me I transported myself to Bruges, sat in the warm sun and knowing that my only real worry is making it back to the docks and boarding the correct ferry.

For a beer that hails from an area of Cumbria better known for its proud history of iron-ore mining and sausage making, the charm and relaxed ambience synonymous with Belgium is present in each sip.  While “Belgian IPA is still [deemed to be] very much a style in development“, I’m reassured that brewing still has a voice and I’m more than happy to keep trying these creations.

It pours an orange-amber colour and retains a Belgian-style head! While being hoppier than a true Belgian beer, it’s fruity yeast aroma and generous malty midriff lead to a reasonably sweet finish, reminding you that it is not meant to be true to any ‘style’, more a beer with split personalities.

Queboid lies outside the norm, hence it is not called Cuboid.  It’s mix of fruity Belgian yeast, India Pale Ale robustness and West Coast American hoppery make it multi-faceted without being a puzzle that doesn’t bore you to tears [see Rubik’s Cube].  Keep up the good work Hardknott!


3 thoughts on “Hardknott Queboid

  1. Ahhh the joys of beer and how a certian beer can conjure up masses amount of debate on whether its good or not. I do enjoy reading your blog sir but sadly this is a time that we dont see eye to eye but as I said above thats the great thing about this tasty beverage. I dont think you would get near as much debate out of wine and I know the cider wouldnt even come close to splitting people’s opinion. As for this 7point5 thing everyone is doing on twitter its a great thing when people are showing others that strong beer isnt just drank by the bums in the park and the people looking for an escape from life. OUR 7point5 and above beers are about taste and the satisfaction given to the individual that is experiencing that particular beer at the particular time.

  2. Thanks Tyler, quite alright and as you say the beer debate is very healthy and nearly always down to personal tastes. If you ever catch me drinking this one from the bottle down the ‘shopping precinct’ then you have my permission to put my head-first into a wheelie-bin.

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