You are Mutually Oblivious 4

Pass it on

It’s roughly a month since I last posted my ‘Mutually Oblivious’ update and may make this the last one in this format.  Or maybe not, undecided as I write.  For anyone who hasn’t read one of these updates before they are basically a summary of British breweries large and small who I have recently become aware of on Twitter.  See also You are Mutually Oblivious, You are Mutually Oblivious 2 and You are Mutually Oblivious III.  So, if you are interested in adding a few more breweries to your network then please read on.

Through my brilliant deduction and ability to state the bleeding obvious, it is my opinion that the ever increasing number of breweries is being driven by beer drinkers wanting to try new beers and generally support brewers who innovate and gift us with thought provoking creations.  As well as gorging on these specialty beers, there is no doubt that we all still enjoy the staple beers in our diet and like me you should try to get your Five a Day.

On to the additions to my ‘Mutually Oblivious’ Twitter list.  I include breweries that I have yet to drink from, but believe me when I say that I practice what I preach, and I have a very long list to get through.  I have previously used an arbitrary number of <500 Followers to be included in the post, but I’ve decided to open it up to any breweries with any Following.  Afterall, size isn’t everything, right?

Aside from the above, the following breweries are in the newly opened or planning to open soon category.  So in the spirit of #ff (Follow Friday on Twitter) give them a Follow.

















Thanks for reading and if you know of any new breweries that I haven’t mentioned here, then please do post a ‘Comment’ and let me know.

Please let me know what you think of my post. Thanks.

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