Scouting for Beers


The mothgeek prophecies

My grandma always used to tell me, David, If you can’t use an idea as a blog name then at least use it as a blog post title.  Tenuous introduction complete.  The crux of this post is to try and get things off my chest, share a problem and maybe find some sense of meaning.  You guessed it, beer has been haunting me again this week.  It’s a recurring dream where I travel the 15 mile radius from my house and happen to pass shops that sell beer.  I never wake up in a sweat and experience tells me, (mainly from the hard facts, such as my bank statement), that my transient travels are in fact real.  I am much like a genetically engineered moth whose light fetish has been switched to beer.  I charge towards a beer retailer and just hope that someone opens the door before I bang into it, and again and again, driven towards the light, amber and dark.  Might I add that while I write this post, I am rather hot and massively dehydrated, so just go with the moth analogy.  Cheers.

This week I have visited no less than seven shops and one online store, I didn’t buy beer in all of them but I think I picked up bottles in all of them, put them in my basket for a while before deciding to put them back on the shelf.  You see, I’m always on the look out for beer, to keep the fridge stocked and to make sure that when I reach for a cold one (or a warm one), it’s right there waiting for me.  It doesn’t have to be a new or hard-to-find beer every time, but I do like to try something different in-between the beers I know best.  Someone tweeted some words of wisdom recently and said “not all good beers are rare beers, and not all rare beers are good beers”, simple enough statement but one I find to be quite helpful in reigning me back from spending large sums of money all of the time (thanks Rob!).  Sometimes the best beers are right under your nose just waiting to be found.

I have actually had this post sat in draft for a while now and hadn’t dared publish it.  Each time I read it back it’s like looking in the mirror and seeing someone else staring back.  Is this really me? do I spend all this time and money just for the love of beer? when did I become this person?  I’m also honest enough to admit that this kind of post or statement is quite personal and you can’t control how readers will perceive you.  Once you put it out there it’s there for good, and as a relatively new blogger there is still a sense of unease and a large helping of paranoia that has a hold over my creative licence.  However, I was catching up on my blogs today and found a similar post by Mark Dredge over on Pencil and Spoon, titled ‘The thrill of the chase‘.   He puts it more eloquently than I have, but the gist of his post is that he is always searching for the best beer he has ever tasted.  Reading this made me nod in agreement, set my mind at ease and convinced my to click ‘publish live’.

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