You are Mutually Oblivious III

PictureWell here it is, the third installment in an open-ended series of updates on British breweries large and small who have Twitter accounts but don’t necessarily have the number of Followers they need/deserve/crave.  As I can’t see any rolling-of-eyes I will assume that this is a worthwhile exercise and carry on filling my boots.  (See old posts You are Mutually Oblivious & You are Mutually Oblivious 2 if you have no idea what I am talking about so far).

My thinking here is that for the average beer fan, it can be interesting and at times useful to read what breweries are up to.  It may be information on the release of a new beer or details of an event, but the benefits are fairly obvious.  Similarly, the benefits to brewers are just as obvious (they are to me anyway), whipping up a frenzy of excitement and anticipation strong enough to coax money out of even the tightest of pockets has been proven to bear fruit.  The reason for blogging this is to show my support for those brewers I choose to Follow (always open to suggestions of ones that I’m not Following) and to help, in part, to build the network of beer drinkers and beer producers.  As I only have a network of 500 Followers then it makes good sense to try and get a little help spreading the word via this blog and its potential to be Tweeted and ReTweeted.  Well go on then!
You can see my old posts for the original list of breweries and their Twitter progress and you will notice that I decided on the arbitrary number of <500 Followers to be included, but I want to use this post to introduce some breweries that have shown up on my radar over the past month;Followers 13/09/11
@Tempest Brewery                      57              Tempest Brewery
@oleslewfootbrew                        58              Ole Slew Foot Brewery
@LivOrganicBrew                        128             Liverpool Organic Brewery
@AndwellBrewing                       137             Andwell Brewing Company
@TapEast                                         191             Tap East (Brewpub)
@kelburnbrewery                        295             Kelburn Brewery
@dancingduckbrew                     316             Dancing Duck Brewery
@DartmoorBrewery                    351             Dartmoor Brewery
@ButcombeBrewery                   445             Butcombe Brewery
@xtbrew                                           470            XT Brewing

Picture The list below are the breweries I included last month, but pay special attention to London Fields Brewery, who following their successfull launch 27th-29th August have a mighty impressive increase of 500 Followers in a month!   They plan a similar event and launch of two new beers on Saturday 24th September 11:00am until Midnight, at the Brewery.  Well done guys!

12/08/11     13/09/11
                 51            80            +29         The Chiltern Brewery
@hackneybrewery                115          204          +89          Hackney Brewery
@croptonbrewery                 136         164           +28          Cropton Brewery
@eastlondonbrew                  139          201          +62          East London Brewery
@hewittsbrewery                  152          181            +29          Hewitt’s Brewery
@allendaleale                          222          281           +59          Allendale Brewery
@ldnfldsbrewery                   416           916          +500        London Fields Brewery

So there you have it,  more new breweries popping up* and more established breweries embracing the power of Twitter.  So don’t be mutually oblivious, clickety-click that mouse button and help join the dots!

Thanks for reading.

(*99 in the last 12 months – Source: CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2012)

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