Ghosty’s Red Rye Ale

 PictureJust a quick post to show my appreciation to Ghost Drinker for sharing a bottle of his maiden home brew.  It is a Red Rye Ale which was brewed in collaboration with Elland Brewery’s Head Brewer Gordon McKiernan.  More on the brew day here.In brief the recipe produced a 6.8 – 7.0% abv Red Rye Ale from a malt bill consisting of Marris Otter, Rye, Cara Red, Crystal Rye and Munich malts – with an addition of Jaggery cane sugar.  Hopped with Amarillo, Columbus and Citra.

PictureUpon opening there was an complex aroma of what I would describe as a full bodied red wine which, upon pouring, changed into a sweet / floral aroma.  It poured a crimson red and a medium creamy head (tinged red) formed.  Nice light carbonation kept the head there thoughout.  As with all of my beers I start with them colder than would be recommended and then note the changes as it warms in the glass. In this case, the beers character didn’t change much, rather the solid hop bitterness, spice, candy (from the Jaggery) and general boozyness intensified.   Loved the beer guys and hope to be able to swap more in the future!

All that’s left to say is that this Ghost is a Ghost for hire.

One thought on “Ghosty’s Red Rye Ale

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