National Homebrew Competition

Picture Having shared a few bottles of my latest homebrew with a few knowledgeable beer bods in the Leeds/Bradford area, and received pleasing feedback, I found myself feeling bolshy.

All it took was for a fellow Twitterer and homebrewer @MiltonJonUK to suggest that I should blog about entering homebrew into a competition.  Before I knew what I was doing I had bypassed the tentative research stage and found myself completing my online entry form for the National Homebrew Competition before I could say “Mash Tun”.

Now, I’m not ordinarily the type of chap who would be so brave, but the website assured me that “the National Homebrew Competition is a BJCP sanctioned competition for amateur brewers of beer, cider and mead, in the UK”.  I’m an amateur brewer and I live in the UK so a tick in both boxes….right?.  No mention here that I should be any good at brewing, so no fear…right?  Plus it’s all fairly anonymous and there is a chance I will receive some feedback from the judges regardless of whether it’s feedback I’d like to read.

I have gotten all carried away with the hype and entered my Retweet Summer Ale into the ‘6B Blonde Ale’ category; have paid for my entry (£5); and will post my two bottles of beer to the judges between 8th – 26th August 2011.  The competition will be judged 3rd September 2011 at Green Room, Tobacco Factory, Bristol 10:00 am.  Any other Twitterers and homebrewers care to join me? go on!

Please let me know what you think of my post. Thanks.

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