Stand well back – I’m a brewer, blogger & beer reviewer

Through the process of asking a kind fellow to buy and retrieve a few special bottles of beer from my favourite shop @BeerRitzLeeds, I was taken aback by the generous offer that accompanied my bounty, as the said gentleman / beer trafficker invited me to drink and review a bottle of beer.  “Me?” was the first thing I could think of as I thought it best to check that he wasn’t merely asking me to pass it on to someone else with a refined palate.  After all there is nothing worse than that moment when someone in the distance smiles and waves enthusiastically in your general direction; you smile and wave back thinking how popular you have become; only to realise at the very last minute that you were not the intended recipient of this salutation and that a split second reaction is required to turn your outstretched-hand into a swoop-and-brush through the hair….. oh the shame!

Anyway, turns out the offer to drink and review a beer was directed at me and before I knew it I had accepted and was walking home worrying about my beer swirling/sniffing/gargling abilities.

The beer is a bottle of Brodie’s Prime Reserve 2011 brewed by the Hawkshead Brewery and the review can be found on the excellent beer review and discussion site HopZine.

Please let me know what you think of my post. Thanks.

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