AG#3 Retweet Summer Ale

Retweet Summer Ale I brewed this 30/05/11. Hopefully creating a refreshing pint with a twist of citrus flavour.

Pale Malt – 93%
Flaked Maize – 7%

Challenger – 6.4% @90mins – 50g
Bobek – 4.0 % @90mins – 30g
Bobek – 4.0% @0mins – 35g (Boiler Off & Steep for 10mins)

Final Volume: 23 Litres
Original Gravity: 1.046
Final Gravity: 1.010
Alcohol Content: 4.6% ABV
Mash Efficiency: 75%
Bitterness: 44.1 EBU
Colour: 4.7 SRM
Mash for 90mins @ 68c
Boil for 90mins
Yeast Safale S-04

Got off to a nice early start and the HLT was on for 6.45am. Meanwhile sorted the basic grist and gypsum addition.

Mashing in using the newly created mashtun… a satisfying moment! 11.25L liquour

90min mash at 68C although I will now adjust this for my next brew. In the meantime I refilled the HLT heated to 78C for mashout. Also set my brewing monkey on with weighing my hops and water treatment for the boil.

First runnings from the mash tun

Recirculating a few litres of wort

Sparging with my brewing monkey

Transferred the wort to the boiler and reached a rolling boil before adding first hop additions 50g Challenger and the water treatment

Second hop addition of 30g Bobek at 15 minutes to go, along with protofloc.
Flame out and hop addition of 35g Bobek, steeped for 10 minutes.
Target of 1.042

Drained the boiler into the FV and placed the FV in a sink full of iced water. Cooled until decent cold break acheived

Cooled to 23C and pitched 23g of Safale S-04

A good brewday and really pleased with the performance of my mash tun. No stuck mash and only lost 1C. I’ll cover it next time to try and save that temp.

Some photos here

Please let me know what you think of my post. Thanks.

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