Building my coolbox mashtun

I finally got around to builing my coolbox mashtun today and plan to use it for a brewday this weekend.

I decided to convert a cheapo 24L coolbox with a copper manifold. At a total cost of about £25.

Tools needed for anyone thinking of doing the same: pipe cutter, hacksaw (or some sort of angle grinder if you can get hold of one), I also borrowed a pipe bending gizmo which I needed to accomodate my ‘design’
I was concentrating hard when trying to bodge my way through this build so there are only a couple of pics.

Measured up for the tap and cut a hole through the outer/inner casing. Threaded the tank connector through from inside to out and using a small section of copper pipe attached the ball valve tap (all 15mm). Added an additional copper elbow to tap to form the spout.

Measured up inside the coolbox and cut the manifold to fit. Also had to bend the connecting pipe to allow the manifold to sit flat against the floor of the box.

Then put the manifold in a vice and went about cutting as many slots into it as possible, cutting approx half way through the pipe. I used a hacksaw mainly, but did use a dremel drill with a cutting tool on it (although it just overheated too often and because of the steamed up safety glasses I managed to cut some bad angles!)

Fitted it all together and tested it. No leaks and the manifold drained the water (although I would have worried if it didn’t!) and reduced the deadspace from 1.3L (with just the tap) to 0.5L

Photo’s here

Please let me know what you think of my post. Thanks.

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