Brewing is on the backburner

Some might say it doesn’t bode well for a brewer to cease production, however as many will understand, sometimes there is a greater need.  I wanted to write a quick blog post to clear my conscience and ‘show my face’ again on a blog that claims to be updated weekly.  I may not be brewing as much as I like, but I am certainly working hard to acheive that in the not so distant future, albeit having to work hard at something not brewing related first so that I can do this thing right!

My goal hasn’t changed.  I want to give Local Brewing a go (commerically) and know that regardless of my passion and efforts that I may not make it.  However, I am going to give it my best and not rush into this thinking success is a ‘given’.  If all else fails I will still be able to brew and share it with anyone who’s interested.

Aside from my tall-talk and grand designs, I have been busy trying to learn from afar the ways of the microbrewer.  As some of you will know, I’m partial to a tweet or two and have been suprised to find how useful a network Twitter can provide.  I now know several people, ‘virtually’, who brew within half-a-mile of my house; in @BeerRitzLeeds I have discovered a gem of a beer shop (known to everyone but me it seems) and have remortgaged my house to service my quest for trying many different ales.  I have swapped a beer with another local brewer who is associated with one of the regions macrobreweries and await their verdict on my efforts! and hope to do this on a more regular basis with others.  Most importantly I am doing my best to read and soak up the available knowledgeso that I can understand my product as well as possible.  My current bedtime reading is Ted Bruning’s ‘Microbrewer’s Handbook’; Pete Brown’s ‘Hops & Glory’;  Graham Wheeler’s ‘Brew Your Own British Real Ale’ and ‘The Beer Book’ by Tim Hampson.

My ‘To Do’ list includes visiting a couple of breweries local to me and hopefully picking some brains on ‘the journey’ to commerical beer production.

Please let me know what you think of my post. Thanks.

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